Padel Menorca

Join our 5-days padel training program at Menorca

Period: At request


We have found a very nice padel location in the northern part of Menorca at Son Parc. The padel courts are situated next to the only golf course at Menorca. At this beautiful area we organize a padel Menorca program including 5-days padel training and 4-days padel matches.

We can organize this padel program at your request by a minimum number of 6 participants.

The padel Menorca training program is ideal for players at player level 2 to 3 (Playtomic average level). Download the below overview to check your level.

Program padel Menorca

  • Training: 9.30 am to 12.00
  • Lunch: 12.00 to 1 pm (Not included in the price)
  • Matches: 4.30 pm to 6 pm


Padel Menorca

The price of this padel training program is € 290,- per person. This includes training, coaching, rent of the padel courts and training material excluding padel rackets. Your flight and accommodation should be booked by yourself. It would be nice to lunch together near the padel courts.

Mail to to sign you in or ask for more information. Or thick the check box in the contact form.

Padel Menorca
Padel Golf Son Parc

Terms and conditions

  • Your booking is definitive when I have received your payment before the 24th of March
  • The price of € 290,- should be transfered to bank account NL08 SNSB 0267 9454 42, SNS bank, for the attention of PadelFun44.
  • Don’t make travel arrangements before I have communicated that the program finally goes ahead
  • The padel program will take place when 6 players have signed in
  • The maximum number of participants is 8 players
  • In the event of injuries, illness, relocation, etc., tuition fees will not be refunded
  • Harald de Vries, owner of PadelFun44, is not responsible for personal accidents and any resulting damage and injuries, nor for theft or damage to students’ goods.